Seoul, Korea, November 17, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The IT golf equipment company AL BIOTECH is receiving domestic and international attention for developing the golf distance meter, ‘All Square.’

Golfing has become increasingly popular since Covid-19, and this has led to great development in various golf wear and golf equipment related industries.

Golf distance meters that help golfers’ performance have continuously developed, too. AL BIOTECH worked on product development with a goal of differentiated performance from the design stages, and has released the ‘ALL-Square’ meter, which boasts easy usage and high performance.

‘ALL-Square’ includes various functions such as 6X magnification, slop mode, LCD optical application, m/yard settings, and water-resistance. It has been designed to offer maximum convenience for the user.

The power button is used for general measuring, pin finder measuring, and easy mode conversion. This increases product convenience for golfers. The slope mode allows users to measure upward and downward slopes and distance simultaneously, and the LED light makes it easy to confirm battery charging status.

An AL BIOTECH spokesperson revealed, “Based on the differentiated technology of AL BIOTECH, we will expand our sales and distribution network to the world and advance to the global market. We plan to continue developing products that are in trend to fulfill the needs of golfers and lead the market.”

‘ALL-Square’ will be released between November and December 2023.

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